Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jeffrey Island's Mob Grazing

Two weeks ago my dad and uncle and I went to Nebraska to attend a University of Nebraska sponsored Hollistic Management grazing demonstration on Jeffrey Island. This island is about 4000 acres in size and sits at the junction of the north and south Platte rivers. The island is being hollistically managed by Chad Peterson who practices Ultra High Density Mob grazing to simulate what the buffalo use to do to the great plains. He concentrates about 1 million pounds of animals per acre for short durations (about 2 hours) then moves the animals to the next section where they stay another 2 hours. Using this grazing method he never grazes the same spot twice in the same year. The reason this is impressive is because of the possitive impact it has had on the islands grasslands. Prior to Chad applying his unique grazing techniques, the island was full of Musk Thistle. After several years of mob grazing the island is virtually thistle free and the traditional native grasses have taken over. We are applying this technique on a much smaller scale here at Aquilla Hill Angus Farm to work on some of the trouble spots where we have some weeds. I hope to report back with good results.

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