Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Double Barrel The Bull

This spring we acquired a new bull. His name is Double Barrel. We got him from Pharo Cattle Company in Burlington Colorado. He is a Red Angus bull. This is a new direction for us since we have historically raised Black Angus cattle. We want to go to Red Angus since they tend to handle the Texas heat better. We plan to start shifting the herd to Red Angus over time as we need to buy replacement heifers.
We are excited about Double Barrel. He comes from the premier breeder of grass fed cattle genetics in the U.S. He has been ultra sounded and found to have some of the highest scores for marbling, tenderness, rib eye area and back fat. His offspring should carry these traits as well. His ability to finish on grass should help us finish cattle faster in the future. It will still be about 3 years before we know how his offspring will do in our environment but we are pretty confident that he will be a great addition to our enterprise.

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