Friday, April 27, 2007

Continual Learning

I firmly believe that continued education is essential, not only for self improvement but also as an act of social improvement. If we all could learn a little more everyday then the world would be a better place in my opinion. I like to read. Some people don't! There are several ways to learn but if you don't read I think you will greatly hinder your abilities to progress. In the absence of reading, listening and active participation is another great way to learn. The prompting for this blog was a clover field day held in Iola, TX that my father and I attended wednesday May 25, 2007. We left the farm at 5:00 in the morning and arrived in Iola at 7:45. The object of this trek was to listen to a man named Gene Sollock speak who is said by some to be Texas' premier management intensive grazier (MIG). Mr. Sollock has been practicing MIG for over 20 years on his own place and been a proponent for many more years. This was a very informative day. It was encouraging to see so many attendants who were interested in this very sustainable practice that is so essential to the quality of our (the worlds) pasturelands and meat animals. The basic concept is fairly simple and there is much literature available (Management Intensive Grazing by Jim Gerrish comes to mind) but the implemetation takes dedication and to become good at it takes time. We are committed to this learning curve and find the benefits of what we are doing to be extremely rewarding for us personally and to our customer's cullinary sensations.

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