Friday, September 15, 2006

From Water Cometh All Things

During the last year or so we have been in the grips of a drought unlike anything I have seen in my life and from what I have been told we haven't seen anything like it since the 50's. If you have never experienced a drought you may not appreciate the importance of water. Well, we all "know" the importance of water from an academic stand point but until you have access to it limited then you don't really understand the importance, at least I didn't. Well now I do. We actually had some rain during March so things didn't look too bad for the first part of spring. Then the long hot summer hit and it was dry like it was during the winter and previous fall. Luckily at Aquilla Hill Angus Farm we had begun to implement a water distribution system back in the spring. This system allowed us to provide fresh water from a 200' well to most of our paddocks with about 2400' of underground pipe and allowed us to make new paddocks that other wise wouldn't have had water for our cattle. This is a big improvement over watering out of stock tanks which was our main source of water prior to this new system. As an after thought the system has also been able to provide some irrigation for us that allowed us to actually grow green grass when all around us pasture was dying. With the success of this irrigation we are now in the process of doubling the system to provide even more paddocks with fresh water and the capacity to irrigate more pasture. We are appreciative to our customers for their patronage that allows us to improve our processes to provide consistent quality meat to them.
Blaine Morgan

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