Friday, August 10, 2007

Summer Update

The summer is going by quickly and we have much to report. So far we have enjoyed an abundance of rain and moderate temperatures which has produced an overflow of grass. The destocking we did last summer due to the draught has left us with fewer animals to eat all the grass that we have been blessed with. The Mansfield Farmer's Market has been a modest success with many repeat customers who continually praise our beef. We are truly thankful to those who keep coming back, without you we wouldn't be able to do what we are doing. We hope the farmer's market will grow and become a popular place for people of the Mansfield area to attend, so please tell your friends about it and us.
We have been busy adding cross fencing to enhance our MIG (management intensive grazing) capabilities. By creating smaller paddocks we are able to use the land much more efficiently, keep animals moving to fresh clean pasture daily, and reduce winter feeding costs. The benefits of this are numerous but due to recent events, the more efficient use of land will be the biggest asset. The event I am referring to is the loss of our lease land which comprises about 2/3 of our operation. Leasing land is a cost effective way of running cattle but unfortunately you are subject to the whims of the land owner. We hope to be able to maintain our current level of inventory and maybe expand a little, even with this setback, by using what we have more efficiently. Being able to rely solely on the main farm has been the goal from the start so we are not too disappointed in the turn of events.

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